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New Testament

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NTB-1-MATT-3 - The Greatest Sermon Ever

What makes a great sermon? Can you think back to what you believe is the greatest sermon you’ve ever heard? What made that sermon so powerful? It probably was because it was both biblical and relevant. It was true to the Bible, yet it was practical in your life. Today we are going to be introduced to what I believe is the greatest sermon ever preached —Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount,” as recorded in Matthew 5-7. Jesus’ sermon was biblical. It was true to the text of the Old Testament, and its principles related to the New Testament as well. Plus, it was (and is) practical to people’s lives. In this text, Jesus discussed “kingdom characteristics.” The Sermon on the Mount was all about the characteristics of the kingdom, and what the citizens of the kingdom would be like. Remember that Matthew is discussing the kingdom of Heaven, a phrase that is mentioned numerous times in the Book of Matthew. The Book of Matthew is all about Christ and His kingdom. Christ is the King, and we are the citizens of His kingdom. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shows us the characteristics of the kingdom and those who will compose the kingdom. The Sermon on the Mount is a very relevant sermon because Jesus takes the text and applies it to daily living so that people can live the way that God wants them to live.