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New Testament

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NTB-1-MATT-4 - The Compassionate King

What are your thoughts on Jesus and what He was like? Many people think of Jesus as being hard nosed, straight laced, or rough around the edges. But in Matthew 8-11, we are introduced to the King Who is very, very compassionate. Part of Jesus was kind and loving. He was an extremely compassionate individual. Matthew 8-11 shows us just how kind and compassionate Jesus is as King. Matthew 1-3 introduced us to the marvelous birth of Jesus. Chapter 4 showed us Christ as the Master over Satan and temptation. In Matthew 5-7, we looked at the greatest sermon ever preached. Yes, some of Christ’s statements in that sermon were stern. But let it be known that the Jesus Whom we serve today—the Jesus Who is the Lord of our lives—is a loving and compassionate King. He loves us so much that He wants us to go to Heaven to live with Him for eternity. Matthew 8 introduces Jesus to us as the compassionate King Who is the master healer. What makes Jesus so compassionate? In this context, Jesus heals a man of a dreadful disease that had never before been cleansed in such a manner. Jesus has just come down off of the mountain. No doubt He was tired after having preached the Sermon on the Mount. A leper comes to Him. Leprosy was a horrible disease. The skin would rot on the bones, producing a stench. Lepers were outcasts from the camp, and were not allowed to have a close association with others. This leper’s only hope was to get to Jesus. He says to Jesus, “Lord, if You are willing, You can cleanse me.” Notice what Jesus says in Matthew 8:3, and see the compassion of Christ. “Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him.” Jesus touched a leper! He then said, “I am willing; be cleansed.” And immediately the man’s leprosy was cleansed. Here we see Jesus as the master healer. No doubt Jesus was tired. But this leper came to Him with a dreaded disease that was feared as being contagious. Yet Jesus took time to touch him, to heal him, and to cleanse him of this terrible disease. It took a lot of love from the heart of Christ to do these things.