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New Testament

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ACTS-3 - The Gospel In Samaria

The apostle Paul, who was formerly known as Saul, asked this great question: “Lord what would you have me to do?”

Today we're going to let the Bible answer that question. We hope that you'll get your Bible and stay tuned as we look together in our study of the book of Acts.

In Acts chapter 9 we now come to one of the pivotal conversions in the New Testament: Saul of Tarsus, who has done much harm to the church. He was there when they held he held the coats of those who stoned Stephen. Acts chapter 8 he's wreaking havoc on the church. Dragging men and women to prison, he's doing everything possible, because according to his conscience he believes Christianity is a farce. Now in Acts chapter 9 Saul is going to come face-to-face with the Lord Jesus Christ. As Jesus speaks to him, and he now has to come that truth yes Christianity is true and Jesus is the Son of God, how to those things happen? What takes place?